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May 2018

What VERSION OF Model “A” do you drive?  I don’t mean what year or model.  I see that our club consists of “Drivers”, otherwise known as touring restorations.  MAFCA and MARC have jointly developed judging standards for Fine Point and Touring Restorations and their National Meets present awards for these designations.  We have read and seen photographs of high scoring Fine Point vehicles in the magazines.  A casual tour of our cars on display yields an array of authenticity.  The most popular modern convenience is a twelve volt alternator rather than the original generator.  Another improvement is better lighting, turn signals and instrumentation.  How much of this is “accepted” by the touring standard?  Do we care?  The answer is contained in why we own and drive a Model A.  Modern cars offer more comfort, convenience and safety; not to mention reliability.  We trade all this for…what?  The answer is individual but much is shared.  We enjoy, appreciate and revere each of our cars with feelings as individual as we are.

Some of our members have spent considerable time and effort to make their vehicles authentic and attractive.  Is there any club interest in engaging in judging or award for such effort?   I believe consensus is that we are insufficient to hosting any MARC or MAFCA events; do we want to join another club to pool our efforts?

April 2018

Summer in Central Florida: Hot sun on the back of your neck and thunderstorms in the afternoon.  There are chances to drive your Model A to Clermont, Mount Dora or Leesburg, all interesting places to shop, lunch or just browse.  Perhaps we can try something more adventuresome; we have two coasts approximately two hours away and three “sister” clubs in north-central Florida: Model A’s of Greater Orlando, First Coast Region Model A Club (Jacksonville) and Citrus Model A’s (Inverness). We have entertained Saint Augustine as a possible overnight.  Tarpon Springs, Sarasota and Homosassa are close destinations.

Steve and I are anticipating a great LUBE DAY; y’all come by with your cars.  Coffee and doughnuts in the morning, hot dogs for lunch and a lot of visiting in between!  Our resident “Experts” will be on hand to address concerns and discuss Model A Trivia (Why did Ford choose to paint the bumper Clamp Recesses light blue, What exactly is “Allegheny” Metal and Why is the handle lock on the “passenger” door?)